Three Reasons I Am Concerned About Schools Opening On Time Tomorrow

I could sense it all afternoon. The chatter on the radio and television stations was strong from our local officials and civil leaders: We are in control; it wasn't as bad as we thought; we were prepared; we are returning to normal. And "returning to normal" included school systems returning to a regular schedule on … Continue reading Three Reasons I Am Concerned About Schools Opening On Time Tomorrow

Experiencing Sandy’s Imminent Landfall: 10/29/12 @1822

It's just before 6 p.m., and the lights just won't stop flickering. About 30 minutes ago, one of the generators in my neighborhood exploded, and our lights went with it -- for just a second. They came back on, but I don't have any confidence that they will stay on for too much longer. In … Continue reading Experiencing Sandy’s Imminent Landfall: 10/29/12 @1822

Update #8: 10/29/12, @1312: Romancing The Storm

 "THIS WILL BE A DEADLY STORM. IT'S GOING TO BE A LONG 24-36 HOURS." Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley  The magnitude of this storm continues to overwhelm me. The images are staggering, but my heart breaks when I see what is happening to our Ocean City. The two pictures below, one released by the OC Tourism … Continue reading Update #8: 10/29/12, @1312: Romancing The Storm

Update #7: 10/29/12 @0700: Romancing The Storm

 "HISTORIC, DESTRUCTIVE, LIFE-THREATENING." Bernie Rayno, Meteorologist, (photo: Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun) 6:22 a.m. - We still have power, as does nearly every other family in Central Maryland. BGE is reporting less than 500 outages, but we all know that we are still in the "calm before the storm" phase of this monster weather event. … Continue reading Update #7: 10/29/12 @0700: Romancing The Storm

Update 10/27/12 @2107: Romancing The Storm

It amazes me how just a few miles in one direction can change so much about a storm of this magnitude. In my last update, I stressed how significant it was that the storm had shifted south, and if the center of the storm traveled up along the Chesapeake Bay, the storm surge would be … Continue reading Update 10/27/12 @2107: Romancing The Storm

Romancing The Storm: Saturday 10/27/12 @0719

Romancing the Storm is a collection of blog posts and articles that I will be publishing from Saturday, October 27, through the first week of November. In these entries, I will be chronicling the approach, landfall, and aftermath of hurricane Sandy as it makes its way toward and through the Mid-Atlantic region, adding my own … Continue reading Romancing The Storm: Saturday 10/27/12 @0719