Celebrating Poetry in April: 9. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet XVIII

Happy Thursday, everyone.

Today is April 9th of National Poetry Month, and I’ve decided to return to the sonnets of Elizabeth Barrett Browning; I’ve selected Sonnet XVIII for today’s reading.

I like the parallels with Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, as well as William Faulkner’s “A Rose For Emily.” Elizabeth’s sonnet, however, zooms in on the loss of innocence associated with the lock of hair. This is most certainly one of those sonnets that, upon returning ten times to it, you will find 20 new interpretations and meanings to Elizabeth’s carefully selected words.

Without Further Ado: Sonnet XVIII by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Celebrating Poetry in April: 1. Sonnet 116

In celebration of poetry month (April), I’ve decided to read a sonnet every day this month to my seniors, simply to share my love for words, especially in the sonnet form.

I will be sharing them with you here as well, after I share with my students.

Today’s sonnet is by the one and only, Bill Shakespeare, published in 1607. Without further ado, Sonnet 116.