Writing Prompt #5: Unconventional Relationships

I share these prompts to encourage writers and creatives of all ages to journal uninhibitedly on a daily basis. No marketing, just prompts.  Don't feel compelled to spend days or even hours crafting the perfect response. Write, sketch, paint, or compose your response in words or colors, musical notes or dance interpretations, and then share … Continue reading Writing Prompt #5: Unconventional Relationships

Creative and Uncut: The Seams of Love

It is a mid-summer's afternoon --late, and I am standing on the pitcher's mound, playing catch with my son on a deserted baseball field, surrounded by other empty diamonds and rectangles. In just a few short weeks, these overgrown areas will be filled with children changing lives -- late-game heroics and crushing defeats. In the … Continue reading Creative and Uncut: The Seams of Love