The Dangers of Transactional Academics

When my students and I were in week 5 of digital learning during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had already established a good routine, where some students would log on a little early, and we would chat about the last few days and how we were all getting through. Then, at the … Continue reading The Dangers of Transactional Academics

Model Teaching: Empowerment Through Multi-Faceted Instruction

I've been teaching for a long time -- long enough to see the spin of the pedagogical cycle of strategies come full circle. What I have learned along the way is that there are some practices that work better than others when it comes to teaching writing. In 2009, the National Council of Teachers of … Continue reading Model Teaching: Empowerment Through Multi-Faceted Instruction

Challenger: 73 Seconds Define 30 Years

Dateline – Tuesday, 28 January 1986. 11:35 a.m. I’m upstairs in my bedroom, cramming the last of my new textbooks in my bag, grabbing a few extra pens and my journal, and checking my look in the mirror: clean-shaven, every single hair gelled in place, and wearing a white oxford with a blue Hugo Boss … Continue reading Challenger: 73 Seconds Define 30 Years

A Chill In August (Re)Ignites The Fire To Teach

It reached 77 degrees today, on this, the 24th of August. Blue sky, patchy white clouds, and the eerie absence of a Baltimore humidity that makes thousands of locals usually proclaim, “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.”In Baltimore, it’s been neither this summer; just one late-spring day after another. Heat waves have lasted hours, … Continue reading A Chill In August (Re)Ignites The Fire To Teach

Flowing with Van Gogh

I was struck this morning by the satellite image of the three storms brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. The National Hurricane Center is predicting an above-average likelihood for storms to hit the east coast this year, making the stretch between North Carolina and Massachusetts as likely to get hit as Florida or the other Gulf … Continue reading Flowing with Van Gogh