The LifeStory Lighthouse

Until we establish a full website for The LifeStory Lighthouse, we will use this page as a gathering place for information, links, and updates.

The LifeStory Lighthouse Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement:

The LifeStory Lighthouse recognizes the power of writing and the sharing of life stories for archival and empowering purposes, yet also recognizes the struggle many corporations and individuals face in knowing how to share that writing with a larger audience. We provide support in all stages of writing, from idea-gathering to publishing, in sharing your life stories, biographies, and histories.

Mission Statement:

Through mentoring, editing, and writing services, as well as workshops, conferences, and publishing opportunities, The LifeStory Lighthouse empowers corporations and individuals of all ages to publish their writing with a larger audience. We value the stories, biographies, and histories that are important to you and your community, and it is our goal to provide the guidance and support in assisting you in every stage of writing to publish and archive your life story.

We provide workshops, conferences, and one-on-one guidance to the following groups:

  1. Students who are working on personal essays for college.
  2. Writers who need assistance with any stage of the writing process, from getting started to getting published.
  3. Educators who are looking for ways to ignite writing with their students at any level.
  4. Individuals who are interested in journaling as a means of therapy in helping them in all ways, from wellness to spirituality.
  5. Warriors of all ages who are battling illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, or trauma and are interested in using writing to find strength, courage, and understanding and then possibly share their stories to empower others.
  6. Baby Boomers who are interested in writing their memoir for their family and friends, and maybe even others in a larger audience.
  7. Corporations who are interested in documenting and archiving the stories of their business, or of specific projects within that business.

Here’s the video that gives a sneak peek of what The LifeStory Lighthouse is all about:

Our Services and Options page is HERE.

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