Friday, June 5, 2009 (21/365)

And the rains continue. . . .

But unlike most of my friends, this does not bother me. I have so many wonderful memories in the rain, and every time we have a stretch like this, I am afforded the chance to go a little deeper into each of them.

When I was young, my family owned a cabin in the woods in River Hills, PA. One of the best parts about going up there every weekend was sitting out on the front porch and listening to the storms roll in along the Susquehanna. My mom would tape the sounds of the storm, the echoing thunder across the water and sifted through the trees that surrounded our property, the rain-stick trickles of raindrops making their way down through the deciduous leaves and landing on the blanket of pine needles, rotting logs, and wildflowers. Because she was taping, we learned the precious gift of silence, enjoying the sounds without joining them. Long after we sold the cabin, Mom still listened to those tapes. I think they took her back to a place of peace as well.

And of course, rains like these remind me of hiking along the Appalachian Trail in the rain. There is a magic there, a sort of union between man and nature, when he lets go of the inconveniences of getting wet. (I still don’t know why we resist this as we do. Earlier this week, I was picking up some carry out food from Red Robin and there was a gentle rain. No downpour, no thunder and lightning. A family of 4 (the kids were well in their teens) were huddled under a small umbrella as they waited for the fifth in the party to bring the car to the curb. When the car pulled up, they ran the 7 feet and screamed the entire time as they rushed to get inside the car. The commotion was so comical that I stopped my walk back to my Jeep, stood there in the rain, and watched incredulously at this circus-like scene. After they drove off, I resumed my walk to my Jeep, and by the time I got in and turned the ignition, I had nothing more than a few drops to wipe from my glasses. Why such hype?)

Anyway, I saw Chelsea today in Jenn’s office. They were sipping tea and relaxing, and Chelsea and I shared a moment of how much we love the rain and cherish its brief visits (some may say this is a little more than a brief visit, and I don’t disagree; however, I don’t argue over its long stay, either). It’s always great to see and talk to her. Such a wonderful spirit. . . .

On another note, I am proud of one of my student/photographer/artists who placed 1st, 2nd, and received an honorable mention for her photography of downtown Ellicott City. She was recognized at a huge reception this evening, and I could not be more happy for her. Sami did the rare, rare thing and gave as much time to the business side of her photography as she did her art, and as a result, she was recognized for her talents and hard work. Way to go, Sami. You are well on your way to wonderful things. . . .

Onward to the weekend. Madelyn’s LaxSplash opener was cancelled today because of the rain. Two games on Saturday, and another on Sunday. . . .

I’ll see you on another field, brotha…. 🙂

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