2011/365/022: Three Things

Three (quick!) things I think about the day:

  1. There is great merit in doing nothing. This was a day of rest for me, for the most part–one that I needed desperately. (Amy was not so lucky, as her day was filled with horse events–all of which she absolutely loved; she just had a busy busy day.) I listened to some new music (love Sarah Jarosz), spent a few hours at the gym working out, wrote a great deal, and worked on my bike. Ok. Maybe I did do some stuff. But it wasn’t thinking stuff, ya know?
  2. The Westboro “Baptist” Church is protesting the funeral for our community’s fallen firefighter, Mark Falkenhan. This group makes me sick, and they are no strangers to Baltimore. Thankfully, the Patriot Guard Riders are already here and are planning on blocking the Westboro protests. I hope they have not pissed off God too much with their own hatred; they’re going to need a few prayers answered if even a fraction of  those thousands of firefighters take matters into their own hands…
  3. We are alive and have loving friends and family. These are my friend’s words to me on Facebook tonight, in response to my last post searching for some good news. Vicky, you are absolutely right. I will end with your beautiful words tonight. Good night, and God bless!

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