Autumn’s Perennial Gift To Us All

rvw octsnow2There is a fierce wind blowing outside, howling and whistling through the paper-thin lines of space here and there, making music out of something I cannot see. Our lawn is coated with the remnants of autumn, a patchwork quilt of dying hues that shift in shape by that same, invisible wind.

It is a scene that I have witnessed nearly 50 times, and yet every autumn brings a fresh feel of nostalgia, a paradoxical longing for something that never left me.

The cooler air and melancholy colors stir the familiar scents of home cooking, after-hours campfires, and heartfelt embraces between loved ones. It is the season of preparation for a long winter ahead, and we share a space of common spirituality of seeing illumination in the lack of light, the faith in what we cannot see, the feel for unity that seems to fill us a little more this time of year.

We are so busy. We are bombarded by political pushes, rallies of righteousness, and everything in between. We are told what to think, who to believe, what to feel, who to follow. But we didn’t ask for any of it. We are being solicited to do, be, have, and want like never before. There is great pressure to keep up, keep scrolling, keep checking so that we don’t miss the possible posts of importance that seem to weave their way between the fodder that keeps our focus away from —

Well, away from the fierce wind blowing outside, the remnants of autumn swirling a final dance of beauty, the whistling reminders of an energy present, though unseen.

Away from the nostalgia that is already within us. Away from the scents and sounds of life and nature that have never left our side, have never scrolled a suggestion to do this, be that.

Away from the very things we grew up with and will, one day, return to.

Away from all that is at the core of our energy, our life-source, our existence.

It is enough to be on our way without the push and pull, the shouting and the ‘suading.

When we let go and step outside, we allow ourselves to step inward, as well.

In the dark of autumn is the light of familiar love.

In the fierceness of the wind is the calm of what is to come.

In the chill of the air is the warmth of unity.

Find the strength to let go of the scroll and embrace the warm, genuine feel of Autumn’s approach as it prepares us all for a long, lovely winter ahead.

We have been here before, and we know our way. Let’s stay the course, true and pure, as we prepare for enlightenment and love.

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