2011/365/094: The Orioles are 4–0!!!

Just a few hours ago, the Orioles completed their home opener of the season, where they kept their formula alive of outstanding starting pitching, stellar defense, and clutch hitting. Throw in a couple of 3-run homers by Old Man Roberts on the team, and you’ve got a perfect record that is absolutely no fluke.

We have not experienced such a strong start since 1997, when we went wire to wire in first place, only to lose in the playoffs (we were the favorites to win the series that year).

No comparisons, of course. At least, not directly. But we have not had a leader like Showalter since Davey Johnson led the ’97 Orioles. Showalter seems wiser than Davey; he’s shoots a little more strategically from the hip, and he’s got a sense of humor that softens the stern  confidence he brings to (and expects from) his ballplayers.

I’m excited for this year for so many reasons, but I think the one that keeps rising to the top is the experience Braeden and I will have this summer at the ballpark, enjoying the games together, just like my Dad and I did when I was Braeden’s age.

It’s these traditions that we pass on to our children that transcend everything else. They run deep with meaning, legacy, significance that only a father and son, mother and daughter can ever understand.

Perhaps, too, our children will not yet understand the significance. But they will, years later, when they have the opportunity to pass down the traditions that our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, passed down to us.

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